The wrong side of the bed

9 08 2005

After the long hard day yesterday, I wanted nothing more than to sleep when I got home, but that was not in the cards for me. When I got home my head was spinning and I had been suffering from the surreal drugged effects caused by the pain pills I took for my headache. My daughter was watching Alice in wonderland, the Disney version. I sat on the couch and she climbed next to me and she fell asleep. I could not stop watching the show. I thought I would instantly fall asleep, but I just couldn’t. An hour latter when it ended I was still drugged and very wired I started the Aphrodite IX trade I just bought. This was an awesome story, maybe because I was drugged I don’t know, but I likes it allot. Aphrodite IX is a synthetic being in the future who is a highly skilled assassin, but fifteen minuets after each mission is completely loses her memory. After the second mission in the story she starts to have dreams of the past missions and starts to figure out who she really is. I thought this was just great and the art by Mark Silvestre is tip top. If you have the chance to read it I highly suggest it. Anyway after I finished the book I was still wide awake at midnight. This is now starting to bother me. Maybe I’m becoming an insomniac I don’t know. I still feel a little drugged and woozy today. I hope tonight fares much better for me to sleep.




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