Mr. Peabodys Improbable History

14 08 2005

That was the end of a long week. Due to an overabundance of work this last week I worked Monday 9am to 9pm and Thursday 9am to 9pm and additional overtime Tuesday and Wednesday, and I didn’t get to sleep before 1am all week. I am now REALLY worried about the insomnia. Today(Saturday) I spent the morning mowing the lawn and trying to teach my son Chance how to mow. He’s 9 and needs to start pulling his own weight, cleaning his room and taking out the trash is just not enough any more. Why, when I was his age I mowed the lawn, washed the dishes, cleaned and vacuumed the house, painted the fence, milked the cows, walked to school up hill both ways bare foot in four feet of snow every day. No wonder why I can’t sleep now, I used to tire myself out. Anyway, this after noon I helped my sister-in-law Anne paint the exterior of her house, she’s having it appraised. The sun was too much for me, by 3pm I came home and slept until almost 6pm. After all that Chance and I watched Jurassic Park 3 before his bed time, and now I’m the only one left awake in the house(probably until after 1am)
My son is very funny, he’s also calm, quiet, and bookish, he gets those last 3 from my wife. As he and I watched JP3 he fetched one of his many Dinosaur books and we looked up all of the Dino’s shown in the movie. I’m still trying to pronounce Compsognathus, commonly referred to in the movie as “Compy’s”. I’ve been noticing more and more how inquisitive Chance is, he always needs and answer, now that he gets from me. Luckily I know everything so when he asks me a question we turn into Mr. Peabody and Sherman, I just wish I remembered where I put the Wayback Machine.




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