Save a tree, go insane.

18 08 2005

This weeks secret word is… AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
This week marks another brilliant change at work, we’re going paperless… Almost.On our magical journey from the 19th to the 21st century of using tree products to keep track of our customer’s credit to the wondrous window boxes on our desks has proven painful. In an attempt to wean us from our safe and familiar ways has caste us into chaos. In a nut shell, what they’ve taken from us they have not put back in full. Instead of having a key to unlock the door I have to take the lock and the door apart and put back together every time I want to enter or exit. I hope this analogy works for you, because it’s pissing me off.
Aside from the wonderland that is not my job, I have been car shopping. I don’t yet know what kind of new car I’m going to get yet, but I know the Batmobile is not available, or in my budget, on in real life. The Fantasticar is not looking so good either. My wife, Amy is leaning toward the Invisible Jet; I told if she can find it she can have it.




One response

23 08 2005
Baron Samedi

Hell!!! Handsome Psycho it be exactly what it be….hell indeed!! You be given me da bad vibes on dat little little post’in of yours! You don’t want be hurten my feelings no!. You be makin me think I need to come on up and shake dis snake bones on you soul, and dat is da thing you may not be want’in. Da name be Samedi and yo do well to keep dat in yo head. You don’t be lik’in it none if I get in ya mind, you don’t be liken it at all!! I tell you I know dis game, and dat is what you be knowin. You got no Gris Gris keep dis Guede out. I come to yo game and you see what da Papa Bones can do.

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