Adventures in Arts and Crafts

29 08 2005

For the past two months Amy and I have been podging old cheap comic book pages to a dresser for my son. It was Amy’s idea and I for one am very happy with the end result. Though I couldtn’t bring my self to actually cut up any of the comics, Amy did that part of the job for me. So, here are some pictures of the end result. I hope Chance likes it, because I figure we put in at least 25 hours over the past 7 weekends (Last weekend excluded)

Children sold separately.




5 responses

29 08 2005

Holy Schnike’s, that’s awesome! Well done you guys! That just became a family heirloom.

29 08 2005
Neal B

I’d like to place an order. Do you have a catalogue?

29 08 2005

I think on the next one I’ll do all the trim in Black and White, then do the pages from Sin City.

30 08 2005

that would be fooking awesome man.

30 08 2005
Baron Samedi

You said that just to turn me on didn’t you? You back door bugger!

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