A serious lack of labor in my Labor Day

7 09 2005

For a lack of funds and the ungodly price of gas, I did as little as possible from Saturday to Monday. Mostly I watched CNN, Fox News and The Weather Channel for the off chance I might see Colton in the background of footage from the Astrodome, no such luck. After 168 hours of rescue scenes and serious government f#$% up, the depression started to get to me. The two people I really feel for, are Mike Meyers for standing next to Kayne West and Chris Tucker for being the person the cameras cut to trying to avoid any further statements. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel Kayne west was completely just expressing his feelings, but the environment was changed from “please help those in need” to “Bush does not care about black people.” I feel his statements would have received less criticism from an interview setting than a charity fund raiser.
On the lighter side, I bought a Printer/Scanner/Fax machine on Saturday. The pictures of my ass will be up later. I know every one is now really excited, especially Colton. Amy thinks I’m just lashing out for attention.




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7 09 2005

I enjoy reading your blog. I needed a sarcastic smile. Thanks 😉

7 09 2005
Homer J. Simpson

Your ideas are interesting to me, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

7 09 2005

Yeah, I’m having real issues with the way this (Katrina) was handled. It gets depressing. Without getting too political, I jsut find it frustrating that durring the election the Bush administration basically said that they (and only they) could protect us from a huge disaster. Well, here’s a huge disaster and the responce and relief efforts from FEMA and the federal goverment have been laughable. Mostly the Republican attack dogs have been blaming the local government. A major US city is basically wiped off the map and the federal government says “Hey, it’s not our job to help.”

But if history (9/11) is any guide, some fuck up (like FEMA head Mr. Brown) is going to get a god damn medal.

7 09 2005
Baron Samedi

So you were looking for the elusive Dendroaspis Coltonis Polylepis? I was recently interviewed by Sway with MTV. I was in the background of numerous local and national news organizations shots. I might also be seen on Oprah…although I may be cut out due to the dirty looks I was trowing at her. If you happen to see Jada Pinkett walking through the Astordome then you may catch a glimpse of me hugging a crying women in the back ground(I know I got blided by her camera lights). If you see the reverand Jesse James lifting boxes you may see me pointing him where to go. Etc, etc, etc. There were a ton of celebrities walking around disrupting things this last weekend. It got to the point where I would stop what I was doing and go help in another building when I saw camera crews and a mob of people heading my way. This will probably provide a “Wheres Waldo” effect when searching. I am sorry to disipoint.

They had a fund raiser?

I can wait to see that big white juicey ASS!!

7 09 2005
Baron Samedi

I like anonymous!

7 09 2005
Neal B

On the flip side I think that city officials should have a worst case scenario mapped out for this kind of thing. Especially when most of the damn city is below sea level. I mean, come on! How could you not think this would happen? It would be like us bitching about the government not protecting us in Slat Lake from an earth quake. We live on a damn fault line!!! We KNOW it’s coming. To not have any kind of plan for that is natural selection level stupidity.

The part I get upset with is that FEMA has been slow to act but won’t let anyone else do it either. (see todays blog entry)

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