Way back in my day…

15 09 2005

This week has been my Daughter’s first week of school. It’s just the Head start program but for her it’s getting up getting dressed and going to school. She’s been so excited to go for the past several weeks that every morning when she would get up she would ask if she gets to go to school today. For weeks this has been her way to get us to count down the days. Today is her fourth day and she already has the morning routine down, when she gets there she has to hang up her jacket, move her name from a drawing of a house and move it to a drawing of a school and pin her name tag to her shirt, as of this morning she needed no one to assist. All I get to do is walk her to class and sign her in. As paranoid as I am when it comes to my kids it’s nice to see that security steps being taken now days. When I was four I was just dropped off in front and had to find my way to class by myself, barefoot in three feet of snow up hill both ways…

Meanwhile my son has far exceeded the need for any help at all. Now that he is in the fourth grade he’s an old hand at the school thing.

Seeing my kids off to school lately has made me feel very old, and I’m not even thirty yet.




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