Vroom Vroom Vroom!

25 09 2005

After many long and arduous months of looking I have now purchased a new car.
This is my (semi) new 2005 Pontiac Vibe. It’s everything I liked in the Matrix, because it’s the same car only $4000 less due to the 25000 miles it has from the previous lease.

Who wants a ride?




6 responses

27 09 2005

I want a ride!
How many bodies can you put in the trunk? Or…is there a trunk?

27 09 2005

If you fold the back seats down you could load maybe 9 bodies in there.

27 09 2005
Baron Samedi

Yeah right!! Maybe if you chopped them up first!

27 09 2005

Well, chopped up will get 15 bodies in there.

28 09 2005
Neal B

Chopped up AND dehydrated, you can fit 3-5 families.

28 09 2005
Neal B

BTW, might I suggest that you use the word verification OR disallow anonymous posters, not both.

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