My life as a sick potato

8 10 2005

So thanks to my timely stay at the hospital for my daughter, I am now sick with Strep. After I started to lose my voice on Monday and Tuesday the symptoms refused to be ignored and for the second time since mid Sept. I had to see my doctor, as good a doctor as she is I’m really sick of seeing her… all pun intended. Wishing my tea had been Hot Toddies for two days didn’t help the painful headaches and being bed ridden from Thursday morning to Friday morning.

Thanks to my son’s friend Spencer lending us Lego Star Wars for the PS2, my Friday afternoon was much better. By early this evening I beat all three episodes and was well within the Freeplay option. I tell ya, Lego Yoda and Lego Darth Mall are an awesome combo to play. Unfortunately Jar Jar is needed way too much for his high jump.

I pray this is the last of the household illnesses for at least a year.




3 responses

11 10 2005
Sign Foo

This too shall pass, and I’m only counting on no illness till January. Kids will get sick just to drive me crazy.

11 10 2005

No fair! I want to get sick so I can finally use up some of all this damn sick time I’ve accrued!

17 10 2005
Baron Samedi

I am sorry you were sick for so long but as the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu once said “ He who get strep throat due to timely stay in hospital need to stop asking wife to put things in rectum”. Words to live by my friend, words to live by.
As for your game, it doesn’t sound very violent. I myself must have at least five opportunities to decapitate my enemies or I wont even look at the game. NOW, can I do this playing Lego Star Wars? I think not…

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