Fun with Power Tools

7 11 2005

For the two days of this weekend I had two jobs required of me.
On Saturday I spent almost all day tending my children while Sign Foo was manning a booth at the Deaf Center Bizarre. I had the fun opportunity to make them breakfast and lunch and we played and had all the great Father/Children time that should come more often.

On Sunday however, I spent working in the yard. Using the blower to clean up leaves and doing most of the general yard work to prepare for winter. I also used a considerable amount of time repairing the roof of the garage where some of the shingles have worn and started to leak. It’s just a seasonal fix; I plan to reroof the garage this coming spring or summer. Before I was finished my wife asked me “Why do men like power tools?”
This got me thinking about the past few years of me acquiring an assortment of fun power tools. The first (as it usually is) was a drill, not the most expensive or powerful, just a general utility drill that I used, and used, and used. After enough use and enough times when that particular drill was not enough, I bought another and more tools as well. As well as my new (and old) drill, I have circular saw, two kinds of jigsaws, a sander (Used on the Dresser from several posts’ back) and a CHAINSAW! That I have not yet used, but long for a Zombie attack so I can pretend to be Ash from Evil Dead. (Groovy!)
And to answer my wife’s question, is that they symbolize the ability to both destroy and create. It takes power and skill to take something raw and make it refined. Well, it’s my answer at leased.

Bring on the Deadites already!




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7 11 2005
Sign Foo

You may say men like power tools because they can create and distroy with them but I still say its because men like to be powerful. The same way men like to make the most money or have the most athority. Power tools are just a extention of this. The more power tools one has the more power he craves. I could be wrong, but it makes a weird kind of sense.

7 11 2005
Baron Samedi

Well get a load of Bob Villa over here!! Did you say “Father/Children time that should come more often”? Oh yeah! Nothing says loving like forced child labor. HEY PSYCHO CATHY LEE JUST CALLED, YOUR MANAGEMENT POSITION IS STILL AVAILABLE IF YOU WANT IT!

What a wonderful question…”Why do men like power tools?”

I would have to say its for many of the same reasons women do.

Sure our power tools take a little more than two C batteries to operate and maybe they don’t come in as many shapes, colors, or sizes. Don’t you think for one minute that ours…don’t make us feel as good as yours. So I guess what all you women need to ask your selves is

“Can my B.O.B. pound a 9’ nail into 10’ piece of solid oak with one air compressed pull of the trigger? “

”Can my B.O.B. cut wood so as to crate a perfect replica of a Baroque Dutch Rosewood Chest with fabulous inlay?”


“Can my B.O.B. defeat and onslaught of the undead as they charge through my door and try to eat my family?”



You women need our power tools, you want our power tools you just don’t know it.

We love power tools because we are men….and chicks don’t get it!

12 11 2005

“Today on This Old Sex Toy, we’re going to learn about B.O.B.’s”

Baron, what’s a B.O.B.?

12 11 2005
Baron Samedi

Seriously? HA HA HA!
Battery Operated Buddy
My friends “B.O.B.” is a commonly used term for a dildo.
I really need to educate you boys.

12 11 2005


I should have known that.

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