It’s about time!

13 04 2006

I know I suck I haven’t written in a while, even on the new blog I’m stuck in the holding pattern. My problem is this… I’m boring and have nothing really exciting going on. Work sucks (like the rest of you don’t know this yet) and I’m not into anything new right now. Well that’s not true… I started to watch Farscape. I know this is old news to many and the series has been over for a few years now, but I never had the Scifi channel and with my heavy interest in the new Battlestar Galacticaand the recommendation of Colton, I took the time to watch a few of the reruns currently being play Sundays on a local channel. I’m absolutely hooked. I’m pissed that I’ve missed the bandwagon for this, but better late than never. And to really enjoy the series I started a Netflix account. If you rent more than 4 movies a month, this service is ideal for you. I’ve also enjoyed being the judge for Marvel for the past few months, but I would really like to be a player again. (Like I have ever been a player!)




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17 04 2006

Welcome back to your original blog.
I feel like I’m stuck in the same old holding pattern as well, although I’ve tried to keep our Rule of 3 blog going (I’m the only one who posts on there anymore.)

30 09 2006
Stop the translation!

You shouldn’t miss the new site where you could add your picture and they’ll have it linked to your blog.
Just a thought. 🙂
Check it out, it’s free.

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