Soap Box #1

7 03 2008

So here we are just days after the last primary election and still no true lead between democratic candidates Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama and all I have to say is “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

I was excited this year, early in the primaries with interesting candidates and hot issues, I even voted in my first primary this year (But I have voted in every Election since I turned eighteen) My current disdain is not with politics (though I do have issues) or the election process, it’s with the publicity, the PR overload, the media flood of the constant and quite redundant non development that is inescapable.  

 Normally when I rant about the absence of substance in the news it’s about the absolute lack of need on spending 45 minutes on Brittney, Lindsy or Paris verses the 45 seconds of world news. These ladies are not news makers; they’re fluff, but that aside. The current political media white noise maker has pushed me past the point of wanting give a damn, which truly pisses me off because I’m really good at giving a damn!

Just please pick one and shut up. I’ll see you in November.




2 responses

12 03 2008
Evil Wife

I don’t mind the news coverage so much, as i see it, we could have Bush running again and dumb democrats running instead of the two brilliant ones we have. We could be much worse off. Whatever one ends up winning the primary, we will probably still see the other one quite often in the news anyway.

9 04 2008

Love, there are term limits, that means Bush can’t ever run again. Thank God!

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