Andy Warhol ain’t going to be there!

21 05 2008


The month of May so far has been one of the busiest I can remember in a long time.

This month included my 32nd birthday, My wife’s 31st birthday, my buddy Matt’s and his twin sister Megan’s 22nd birthday, my buddy Dani’s 32 birthday the wedding of my niece Jessica last week and next week is my son Chance’s 12 birthday. More than anything I feel tired… and broke.

With all the commotion of this birthday season I’ve been given the impression that I don’t party out the way that I should. Colton made the comment to me that everyone else gets to throw a party and I make time for them, why don’t I ever have a party? The answer is simple… I just don’t. I have never been one to go out and get down with my bad self, and I don’t see that as being something to change any time soon. I appreciate his position, but it’s just not one of the things I am. I accept this and am fine with it, but to Colton, it’s a sin to not go all out to express yourself in that manner. I think in part I’m not big on being the center of attention on that kind of scale. I think it comes from too many of the family gatherings in my youth where everyone has certain expectation of a reaction to a gift or to the very attention not being met. This has been one of my driving forces for many years. I don’t like when my modest reaction is the catalyst for someone to be mad or disappointed in me because they thought their contribution would blow my hair back. Whether or not that is the case, I still feel that guilt and have no problem avoiding those situations.

Now I know my guilt issues extend much greater than just to this one situation, but that is another 15 to 20 other blog post.



Mahzeltov !!





3 responses

22 05 2008
Evil Wife

As the wife who also had a birthday this month. I totally do get what you are saying, since most people know why I don’t like crowds and being the center of attention , I won’t get into that. Birthdays are meant to be about you. Your day of celebration should be whatever you want it to be.
If I choose to celebrate my birthday by having a private movie marathon with just my husband and kids then that’s my privilege. And if you choose to have a stress free day, no one should take that from you. So just stick up for your right NOT to party.

22 05 2008

The Beastie Boys are rolling over in their graves right now, and they ain’t even dead yet.

21 10 2008
Phil Mcracking

Well andy warhol is a huge inspiration, and i love his great passionate belief, ROCK ON BABBBEEEYY

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