You complete me.

4 08 2008

Well, I have had (at the time of this post) 865 visitors to my humble blog. And I wonder “Who are these people?” “How did they get to my blog?” “What did they think of my Albert says section?” “Did I leave the iron on at home?” No I’m pretty sure I turned that off.


What I would like to see are comments. I’m not a shallow person, but I do get a curiosity of who’s peeking in the window. I can guess who a few of my patrons are; I only have so many people that know me or where to read what’s on my mind every three to twelve weeks when I get around to posting something.


I used to laugh at those who need the adoration of other to feel good about themselves. Though I don’t think I’m that bad, I have found that I get a little anxious when I see I have a new comment on one of my post. It’s the same feeling when getting real mail, not the “Resident” or obvious presorted mass mailing fare, but the hand written and fun to get “I recognize your existence” mail.


So my challenge to you (865plus) visitor to my blog. Comments are greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

No, this picture doesn't have a purpose with this post.

No, this picture doesn't have a purpose with this post.





5 responses

5 08 2008
Evil Wife

Hey, I thought I was the only one allowed to “complete you”!
But if you insist; I adore you I adore you I adore YOU!

5 08 2008

Well, you complete me as a person, but they complete me as an existing being. Kinda like the Neil Gaiman’s American Gods… I only exist if people believe in me.

18 08 2008

I’ve reached 1,000. Whoo!

15 10 2008

2000 and climbing…

12 12 2008


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