Death: taking the fun out of life for 600 million years

12 08 2008

So lately I‘ve been thinking about death. Not in a “My life sucks, when’s it going to end” type of way, but about what happens to the living when someone dies. Now I find myself somewhat fortunate to not have had many deaths among my friends and family. Yes I have lost all 4 of my grandparents, a few cousins that are I was not close too, and very few acquaintances that have passed on. It may be due to the high content of famous deaths lately that has spawned this introspection. I have paid attention to several higher profile deaths since May; Sydney Pollack (movie actor), Harvey Korman (comedy actor), Bo Diddley (famous Blues musician), Tim Russert (“Meet the Press” TV show host), Stan Winston (Movie Special effects artist), George Carlin (like you don’t know… Read my tribute to him below), Michael Turner (Comic Book Artist see my tribute to him on Rule of 3), Estelle Getty (actress from “Golden girls”), Bernie Mac (actor/comedian), Isaac Hayes (musician/ actor). My worry is whose next?

I think mainly I’m worried about losing someone close to me. I’m not the best person under pressure and as I get older I find myself with a greater responsibility to those around me. Now perhaps responsibility breeds the fear of failing. As for me I don’t know. Maybe I’m just worrying for nothing.




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13 08 2008

Death used to frighten me. Now it’s not death, it’s the sense of loss when someone you know and love cashes out their chips and moves on. And my deeper fear is that when it’s my turn, nobody will miss me.

19 08 2008
Evil Wife

Since I lost a parent at a very young age I have a unique perception of death. I tend to take it as a given, I don’t question it is there. I think in some ways I’m very fatalistic about it my family calls it a very “shit happen” type of view. You can only do so much to buffer yourself from the pain of death. For the most part we just have to accept that it’s out there and at some point of time it will creep up to you and knock you on your ass.

You just have to live your life to the fullest, and hope for the best.

I don’t think anyone should live forever (despite my love of Vamps). So I do promise you this, if you die before me we will have a wake to celebrate your life and I will always miss you down to the very fiver of my being. . And if I go first you will celebrate how I was alive. And never play the blame game or the should of would’ve game. It only damages you in the end.

And Akanthos, each person left behind feels a part of their soul missing when someone close to them passes. You will be missed because you have friends, lovers, parents, and siblings they will feel the loss of you in their souls.

19 08 2008

You’re a very “UP” person, you know that?

20 08 2008
Evil Wife

I try. Life is too short to sit and worry about waht you cannot change.

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