Let’s all enjoy some Pi.

5 09 2008

Recently “C” has gone back to college to get a degree. And over on his new blog he’s posted his blind, medieval, “math is evil!” point of view to contrast my Math never lies “fact”. I think mainly because it’s harder than he wants to deal with in school right now. And since he doesn’t allow comments on his blog (Asshole!!) I get the opportunity to comment to him on my soapbox here.

 Numbers.  Equations.  Calculations. Formula. MATH!

Math is “Fact” if you want “Truth” try philosophy. According to Wiki [Mathematics is the body of knowledge centered on such concepts as quantity, structure, space, and change, and also the academic discipline that studies them. Benjamin Peirce called it “the science that draws necessary conclusions”. Other practitioners of mathematics maintain that mathematics is the science of pattern, and that mathematicians seek out patterns whether found in numbers, space, science, computers, imaginary abstractions, or elsewhere. Mathematicians explore such concepts, aiming to formulate new conjectures and establish their truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms and definitions.] To comment on C’s observation that the ancient and dead gods of foreign lands. Ra, Odin, Zeus and the others are to credit with giving the 1 and 1 equals 2 formula to their respected peoples, but that is incorrect. Aside from inspiring ideologies, Wars, Mythology, sacrificial practices and Col. Tigh saying ”By Gods!” on Battlestar Galactica. Credit for math provided by “the gods” is as realistic as losing to George W. Bush as Scrabble. Humanity, based on trial and error, discover basic arithmetic principles and fine tuned them in to functionality not because of the Gods, but in spite of them. Math is the core physical universe around us and including us all the time. 1 plus 1 equals 2 always because it is. Fact!

Now “C” is at heart an agent of Chaos.  True to his being, he feels the world should not be in order at any time on any level. And good for him. I can’t let go of my logical point of view, and I’ve tried. In my head I see time as equally proportional wave. I look at distance with a Pythagorean understanding of forced perspective.  I appreciate Art and Architecture for their symmetry and balance. And “C” is just the opposite. He is impulse and desire. He is repeatedly and boundlessly self created. But he still fails to realize that even chaos functions within pre set parameters. Particles behave as particles should. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Even human and animal behavior is based on a finite set of factors. So yes, I do find comfort in the knowledge that all facets of existence can be weighed and measured even the concepts we haven’t figured out how to weigh and measure… yet.


Gregor Reisch, Margarita Philosophica, 1508

Gregor Reisch, Margarita Philosophica, 1508


…and the numerical value of π truncated to 50 decimal places is: 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510




3 responses

10 09 2008
Evil Wife

Ok, I get the whole math thing. I like things to make sense and to “add up” so I get it.
I just never could understand all the (X=10 to the power of 5) shit that they try to shove down your throat in collage.
I could only really get math up till we did fractions, anything more complicated is totally over my head.
That kind of f means I’m on C’s side!
Math Sucks!!

27 10 2008

OH SHIT! It’s on fucko!
“Math is “fact” if you want “truth” try philosophy.” Are you kidding me? I say something is rotten in Delemark! Try sinking that turd down Rene Dascartes toilet. He is the PHILOSOPHER who was dedicated to proving everything in existence (or non-existence for that matter) with math. In “FACT” with the exception of David Hume, all philosophy was based on mathematics, throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th century. Try strapping “Simulacra and Simulation,” by Jean Baubrillard on your sore ass, and tell me that philosophy is not based on mathematics.

Secondly, in stating that the “gods” gave man mathematics I was sarcastically insinuating the decadent nature of math. Math originated within cultures which brought about social order through religion; Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian, Greek (the birthplace of western philosophy) etc. These religious cultures brought order to their people through the belief in omnipotent deities, which we now consider ridiculous. Thus, brining about structure and order. Within this order, these cultures were able to maintain scholarly pursuits. This led to the birth and refinement of the Pythagorean theorem… math. I say that, like the gods of old, math is in fact a decadent language. It has no basis in physical reality.

AH! 1 plus 1 equals 2, Huh? I challenge you, by the cult of original perceptions! An experience first hand is the only way to truly know something. All abstract ideas are “pale.” I will not trust abstract ideas blindly! You say “1 plus 1 equals 2,” and I say your wrong. If you place one apple in my right hand and one in my left hand, then I will have two apples. I refuse to accept the theoretical as reality…or haven’t you seen The Matrix…copper top. When an individual reads book about India, do they understand the place? No. You must experience something to understand it, you must smell the sewage in your nose, you must witness the peoples with your eyes, and you must hear the sitars cry with your ears. Only then will you know its truth.

Tis true, I am an agent of what some might call chaos. Still others may call it reality, or practicality! “Welcome to the Desert of the Real.”

Ironically you mention the “art of architecture.” In doing so you inadvertently prove my point. Poetry, painting, architecture, etc are pieces of art. Tales told through the language of math. Does this make them real? No! It is the brick, mortar, steel, and paint that are real. These are realities that we touch. These are real. These are fact.

You state “chaos functions within pre-set parameters.” I say that you have fallen victim to your mathematical god! YES! The limits and structure you place on chaos are interpretations of a failed language. If math is truth, then why must it fluctuate so? If 1 plus 1 equals 2, then why have your very own mathematical priests/linguists argued within their own ranks of quantum physics of the discovery of “String Theory?” Is fact not irrefutable? I will tell you why. Like the Mormon religions views on African Americans, mathematics must change as man evolves. Things that are fact, or real, do not act this way. Mountains will turn to sand, but they will still be a physical reality. This is real. This is fact.

Finally you called me an “asshole.” I disagree!
I am a prick, a World Class Prick.

27 10 2008

Ha! It took you a month and a half to finally research a half-assed responce.

And yes you are a “World Class Prick”, but you are also an “asshole” due to the lack of comments on your blog. See you can be two things at once, just like you are wrong and are deluded about math.

And let me further clarify that though math may always be correct, it is the people, like you and yes myself, that are often wrong. Yet as you pointed out above, we as a people are improving on what we know. You seem to be focused too much on where we’ve been, and maybe I focus too much on where we are going.

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