Time and time again.

21 11 2008

This is just a quick “What’s up with Beau?” post.

I’ve been putting together some thoughts for a post about the future, and then I got sidelined in what I wanted to say because I wanted to talk about the whole Prop 8 issue in California (I am firmly against it and flabbergasted that it actually past BTW) but since working on that post I started to become heated and enraged so I decided to back off of that topic.

My wife wanted me to write a post about my recent obsession with whimsy pattern socks. I still might take her up on that. But I did want to state that I started to play with Twitter, and Facebook is taking more of my time than Myspace used to. 

Oh and I’ve been watching too much of “Fringe” and “My Own Worst Enemy” on Hulu.com. Can anyone say cyber-addiction? I like “My Own Worst Enemy” and have been a little bummed that it’s been cancelled. This has encouraged me to thoroughly research the Neilson Rating System and prove that it’s useless and antiquated. If you check out my latest post on Rule of 3, Topps is trying to ruin WizKids and end my Heroclix addiction.

So please expect several new post… when I get the time to work them up.




2 responses

21 11 2008
Sign Foo

So, many many new posts to come huh, I’m suprised at the twitter, ya better not take too much time with it!

1 12 2008

I like the Twitter. It’s easier to post a few small updates throughout the day rather than a large post. Both have their place, though. Twitter posts are fast and easy but not very focused.

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