Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

24 12 2008

May you all get your hearts desires this holiday season.  Mine is to recover the Cross of Coronado… Wait… I think that’s what Indiana Jones wants. Anyway I’m sure I’ll get something nice.

Now this was hard to decorate.

Now this was hard to decorate.




3 responses

8 01 2009
Sign Foo

Your upside down tree is lovely and all, but update your dam blog already would ya?!?! The holidays are OVER!

8 01 2009

I don’t have time. I’m already spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook.

8 01 2009
Sign Foo

I’m not saying a BIG BLOG, just a mini blog, Why don’t you use it to hold yourself accoutable to your workouts. Everyweek post This week- 2 hrs on wow, and 2 hrs playing rock band w/ kids, 4 days of step machine, 1 Hr of running, ect, People can stop in and Barate you if you are on WOW more than working out! Then at the end of the month you can tally how much time you spent on WOW and Rock band And Twitter, and Facebook rather than doing your workout like you promised you would.
BTW , I managed to update mine while on facebook. So don’t whine!

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