This is a Rant and my responce to the passing of California’s Prop 8

19 01 2009

*This is a post I started in November and it was put on the back burner until today.*

I have been working up a post on living in the future that I was going to post next, but that is going happen yet. Unfortunately I’ve been heavily reminded that the future we so desperately want to live in isn’t here yet. Not because of the lack of flying cars, robot assistance or space travel, but because of the backward, close minded, sons of bitches that keep trying to usurp our freedoms and rights to live as we are, keep winning(by the smallest of margins, mind you).

With the recent passing of Prop 8 in California, progressive modern living has once again down shifted. Twelve years ago, as a recent High School Grad, I joined an impressive amount of former fellow students in a march to our state capital in protest of a ban on High School non academic clubs. A Ban that was initiated due to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance clubs that had, for several years maintained a safe home in multiple area High Schools, been deemed “unacceptable” by the state. These were clubs where young men and women had a place to feel free of judgment and full of support could explore and discover themselves. The State government (in its manipulated obedience) decided to ban all clubs just to make sure the Gay and Lesbian Alliance clubs would not be an influence on the city’s youth. Now, I support everyone’s given right of choice, as long as that choice doesn’t physically harm anyone else. At the time I was 19 and full of pride that even if I had not been there the march still would have been and that my fellow youth were standing for our shared belief in choice. Now today all of those kids are in their 30’s and that same belief is out there and we’ve changed the world, but we haven’t… yet.  In the 2004 Presidential election the state of Utah was 71% for the Republican candidate and 26% for the Democrat candidate. Just four years later the state is 54% for the Republican candidate and 43% for the Democrat candidate. This is a huge reminder that times, they are a changin’. And thank god for that. I truly hope that the campaign for change that our current President Elect ran on is not trampled under the bureaucracy of the office. 

The world as it is, is not working very well. The “Powers” that be keep trying to take away our rights, privileges and freedoms. We have become hindered and hobbled by those we put in office. And how can we advance let alone function when we are as limited as we have become? Progress is not limited to technology. and the land of the free and home of the brave is being replaced with the land of the oppressed and home of the cowards. If you vote on a law that doesn’t affect you and strips away rights and freedoms to others, how can you sleep at night? What are you afraid of? And since this freedom you are trying so hard to eliminate doesn’t affect you, why do you care? What can you gain from this? I think this is what grinds my gears more than anything. I’m not gay and I am happily married and both my wife I are avidly against Prop 8, and I just can’t wrap my head around why anyone regardless of religion would deliberately take anyone’s rights away.  Whatever happened to the American way of the pursuit of happiness? How in this day and age can we still be killing the ideas of equality? Aren’t we suppose to be a society of rebels and freethinkers where everyone is welcome?  I remember my history classes and discussing how our founding fathers left countries where they were persecuted for their beliefs and choices and founded this country where all men are equal.


And as a resident of the state of Utah I can firmly say that no resident in Utah voted for or against California’s Prop 8. If you want to blame a religion that has temples and churches all around the world for the outcome of the election go right ahead, but no one I know supported or would have voted for Prop 8. Boycotting a state for the action of an organization is as wrong an action as Prop 8 itself. If you need to voice your issues with any current law, Please write your congressman.




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