Writers block sucks!

12 03 2009

So, as I have been leading you all to believe that I have this epic, novel-esc post about the “Future” in the works and in all honesty, after 5 months of once or twice a week of trying to write something clever, I have half a paragraph completed. I’m now very worried that I no longer have anything worth writing left in me. I know that I have a lot to say because I rarely shut up and as big C told me last Saturday; I’ve been on a long streak of pop culture quips. I don’t know what it is? Maybe I just need to separate myself from the subject until I can approach it from a different angle.

As for my daily life, some of you can tell by my recent Twitter updates on the right side of your screen that I’ve been in an angry and agitated funk lately. And all of that spawned last week when I went to see amazement that is The Watchmen, and some jag-off seated right behind me doesn’t understand the etiquette of shutting the hell up while in Movie Theater. That Punk-ass was just chatting away after I shushed him, whispered to him to “be quiet” and then told him to “shut up”. When I told him to “Shut Up” that’s when he decided to get flippant with me. I do feel that the situation would’ve ended differently had I not been sitting with other guys. That may have been the catalyst to my declining mood for the better part of the past week. To anyone that I may have offended or bothered with my attitude, I offer my apologies.  As for my review of Watchmen, you’ll see a post from me very soon over on Rule of 3(Link in my blog roll).

As some of you know, I have been “Training” for the Salt Lake City Marathon – 5K event that takes place on April 18. If my math is correct that leaves me 38 days left to train (including tonight). My endurance is much better than it was, but my goal to run the 5K in under 30 minutes is greatly exaggerated.

Also in my world, I have been making great technological strides by the recent purchase of a new laptop and new phone. The Laptop is an HP Pavilion with… Vista. I now have first hand understanding why so many people hate Windows Vista, good news though; I’ll get to install Windows 7 for free when it comes out. My laptop also has a webcam, and that’s a first for me so expect to see some Vlog’s(Video Log) in the near future.  As for my new phone I upgraded my existing phone to the LG Dare or as I like to call it iPhone lite. Akanthos calls it the Judas phone, since his iPhone is commonly referred to as the Jesus Phone.

Well that’s it from me for right now. Stay tuned for more waiting for the POST OF THE FUTURE!!!

Until then please enjoy this viral if you have not already…




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