The long awaited 5K.

19 04 2009

So I did it, I ran my first 5K… Okay so it was mostly walking, but I completed it and will do it again in September.  I completed the Salt Lake City Marathon 5K in 53:04. I know that is no kind of real achievement, but this is mine. And it will be the first of many of these races for me. Running all out for that finish line was the best feeling I’ve had in a while. I’ve spent the past 4 and a half months training and that has been the most exercise I’ve had in years. I work at a desk and have let myself become very sedentary, training for this race has been a great motivator for me and I’m not backing down from it. I hope to beat my score by half in September. My goal for that race is 26:52 or better.


For 200 feet I didn't pass anyone. Where did the guy behind me come from?

For 200 feet I didn't pass anyone. Where did the guy behind me come from?

Saturday was not only about my goals and achievements, but my kids as well. Spud and Bubbles competed in the kids 1K for the first time. This is the last year that Spud can run since he turns 13 next month. So next year he’s planning to training and run the 5K with and his mother and I. Strangely enough my mother was so impressed with all the 5K contestants that she has also decided to train for next year’s 5K with us making this a true family affair.

Well that’s it; I guess I could talk about the zombie invasion style crowd of participants that filled the streets of downtown Salt Lake. I could also talk about the pain and agony, the invigorating rush of competition, but crossing the finish line was my only focus.




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22 04 2009

I’m happy you finished and that we got a photo! The kiddos will love training with you for the next one. I just enjoy the time outdoors wiht you and the kids. We sometimes forget that there is a whole world outside for us to explore; if trainig for races is what it takes to get us out of the house, I’m all for it.

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