I’ve done it again…

9 07 2009

So over on Facebook I was reading one of my friend walls and she was discussing her performances in Carmen and the following thread began. Since I can’t stand close minded twats, and I can’t keep my mouth shut, I jumped in. What follows is what happened…


LMS Opening night! When I told my aunt I was in Carmen, her face lit up and she asked “Do you get to be a SLUT?!” Hahaha! Gotta love the M’s!


(Some deluded Jackass) at 10:19am July 8

One of my profs in Provo saw the Domingo movie – and was horrified! He thought it was way too “suggestive.” Uh huh.

(Of course, one friend of mine actually turned down the chance to sing “Rodolfo” in Boheme(He spelled this wrong its “Boehme”) when he read the libretto and discovered the M & R were living together without the benefit of a marriage license)


LMS at 10:24am July 8

oh good grief! It’s entertainment.. it’s supposed to be titillating!


(Some deluded Jackass) at 10:37am July 8

Tittilating(Also Spelled Wrong, it’s “Titillating) ???? Right.

Do you know the old red “Recreational Song Book” the church used to use for “Mutual”? The one song they never sang for recreational singing time was the Mikado’s “Titwillow” – – – can you imagine a group of 12 and 13 year old boy scouts trying to raps their minds around that one?


-(Me on my soapbox) at 1:43pm July 8

Wow, Really? You would just blindfold your children from “Art” if there was the possibility of misinterpretation instead of… I don’t know… Talking to your children and taking the time to teach them how to comprehend the message. Sometimes a Titwillow is just a flower in a song.


LMS at 3:38pm July 8

it is… and watching them snicker and try not to laugh while singing it would be funny!


 …at this point I really want him to comment again.  I’d like to keep this going, but I know he’s already cowered out of this conversation. It’s what the close minded do when cornered. However my friend followed up on my wall…


 –LMS: Did you have fun getting on your soapbox while commenting on my page? He he he! At least it wasn’t my comment that aroused your ire!


 -(Me on my Soapbox… still) at 10:42am July 9

Oh no, Never to your comments. I just have a big problem with people who purposely handicap themselves from experiencing this world or the little things that make life worth living. I was going to comment on if he stops his kids from reading the bible because it uses words like “ASS, “BREAST” and “COCK”. Do these same 12 and 13 year olds giggle when reading the bible? You have to understand how much I can’t stand close minded, opinionated asshats that bury art than take the time to address the issue with their kids. How scared and scary are these kids going to be when they are out in the real world and will be exposed to all those things that their parents tried so hard to hide from them? I believe in giving kids the tools to handle the world not be shocked by it.

***This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.*** 


…as more of this topic develops I’ll update this post. I do like to keep you all informed 😀




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