Maybe it’s a sheep dog… let’s keep going.

1 09 2009

Once upon a time I was time I was quite the movie buff and collector of film, the medium of my collection was a format called VHS. During this time I maintained a vast collection of movies depicting my favorite type of supernatural creatures… Werewolves. Yes, in the battle between Dracula and the Wolfman, I sided with Lon Chaney Jr. (Look him up kids) Anyway, my collection was vast from black and white movies of the golden age tinsel-town to crazy high quality CGI of the late nineties. Then one day a new format of home entertainment came into my life called DVD’s. This began the conversion of my collection, and as much as I told myself that I would, in time, re complete my collection in DVD, I have yet to even re buy any of the movies from my Werewolf collection. Mainly due to many of these movies had not and still have not been rereleased on DVD. Now again a new format has arrived and I have re evaluated my needs for this new generation. I want my lycanthropes back! Back in the day at any given time when the mood struck or when the moon was full and I felt whimsical. I would pop in a tape and watch. From a crippled Cory Haim and is crazy uncle Gary Busey in Silver Bullet to Jack Nicholson being as cool as Jack Nicholson in Wolf, I would watch. And my favorite genera movie An American Werewolf in London could cheer me up after any rough day. None of these have I replaced. With the current and ongoing vampire bombardment in movies and television, I feel it’s time to regroup as pack and retake the night. I can almost hear the Howling now.

“Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is full.”




2 responses

2 09 2009

OK, so you want me to get you Werewolf films on DVD for Christmas? I can do that. You are such a bitch to shop for.

2 09 2009

I am not that hard to shop for. If you look under my Blogroll to your right you’ll see a listing for “When you can’t think of what to get me…” this link goes right to my Amazon wish list. I don’t buy anything on that list for myself and I keep it updated. So there 😛

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