I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

10 12 2010

And when I say “Merry Christmas” I’m not doing it to instill my own Christianity, or as an insult to anyone that is not Christian. And I don’t do it to be thought of as true American or any of that militant asserting of patriotism. I do it as more of a reminder to myself of what ”Christmas” means to me. Christmas, when growing up, was not about Baby Jesus in a manger while 3 wise guys track him across the desert by stellar navigation. Honestly, I never gave Jesus much thought around the season. I look at Christmas now like I did when I was young. For me it was all about everyone else. It is about seeing how I connect to the people in my life. I always try to get gifts that reflect what that person means to me, how well I know them. It’s about the value of the thought not the price of the gift. It’s why I view gift cards as a cop out, don’t ask me to buy myself something when you could probably spend less and show you know me. The Christmas season is also a setting. It’s about snow, cold, hot chocolate, the smell of pine and mint. It’s about listening to the radio wanting to hear that one good song by Paul McCartney and Wings. Christmas is a just a word. A word that helps to define a seasonal recognition from my youth. I have no problem with the use of the term “Happy Holidays”, because they should be happy. But please, whatever it is that you wish others this season, do it (AND RECEIVE IT) not with critical judgment, but with spirit of the season.

So again, I wish you all Happy Holidays… and a Merry Christmas.


Letters from editor.

12 11 2009

Dear FOX,

I have just learned that you have decided to cancel, yet another Joss Whedon show that IS beloved by the masses. What the hell! Who the hell is in charge of programming over there? ‘Cause he needs a serious ass kicking. First you put a great show for the 18 to 35 crowd on Friday Night. Not very many 18 to 35 year olds that are hip enough to get Dollhouse are going to be home on Friday nights, they’re out at clubs, sporting events, parties, and if you’d take the time to ask your movie division… at the movies!

Now don’t sit there and bitch and moan about ratings when you let truly uninformed nit-wits poorly plan this stuff out for you. Speaking of ratings, who’s watching “So you think you can dance”? Not me, that’s for sure, but I bet the viewers of that are too young to really go out on Friday nights. The same could be said for Glee (don’t get me wrong, I like Glee).

Since this is a big red flag toward your program scheduling department, let’s look at some of the other mistakes they are making; Fringe, this is the new X-Files and that show helped to make your network, but where’s the love? We love this show. So why did you movie it to a new night to compete against the rock hard comedy lineup on NBC and the established air time for same genre show of Supernatural? Are you still wondering why the ratings have gone down? Let’s see if I can clarify this for you… You program your shows into time slots that compete against the same type of shows from another channel, thus not only dividing your viewers, but challenging us to not watch. I get it that someone in your office has a BS degree of thinking inside the box, but when you program to the motto of “Who’s it going to be, us or them?” we will pick one, but it may not be you. There is no sci-fi on Wednesday; you want to corner the programming for that night? “Dollhouse” and “Fringe”. You put your “dancing” show against “Dancing with the stars” I wonder who’s winning that time slot? This might help. “Glee” and “So you think you can dance” for Song and Dance Fridays on FOX. Do you see how that can work for you?

And since I am curious, do you take Hulu and Fox.com viewing numbers in for ratings as well? I really think that the audience that watches your smarter television, like Fringe and Dollhouse, is quite a bit more tech savvy and would choose the option to watch on our own time than to be stuck on your time. I personally use my DVD to its fullest when it comes to your high quality shows. So to wrap this up, stop canceling the shows that set you apart, stop scheduling shows that divide and challenge your fans and viewers, and take the alternate viewing option number into consideration.

Your loyal fanboy (but only on my time)


Dear Joss Whedon,

Why do you keep making deals with FOX? ABC and CBS never seem to cancel shows on Fridays. Also, I think you could do very well on HBO or Showtime.

Your loyal fanboy(all the time)


I’ve done it again…

9 07 2009

So over on Facebook I was reading one of my friend walls and she was discussing her performances in Carmen and the following thread began. Since I can’t stand close minded twats, and I can’t keep my mouth shut, I jumped in. What follows is what happened…


LMS Opening night! When I told my aunt I was in Carmen, her face lit up and she asked “Do you get to be a SLUT?!” Hahaha! Gotta love the M’s!


(Some deluded Jackass) at 10:19am July 8

One of my profs in Provo saw the Domingo movie – and was horrified! He thought it was way too “suggestive.” Uh huh.

(Of course, one friend of mine actually turned down the chance to sing “Rodolfo” in Boheme(He spelled this wrong its “Boehme”) when he read the libretto and discovered the M & R were living together without the benefit of a marriage license)


LMS at 10:24am July 8

oh good grief! It’s entertainment.. it’s supposed to be titillating!


(Some deluded Jackass) at 10:37am July 8

Tittilating(Also Spelled Wrong, it’s “Titillating) ???? Right.

Do you know the old red “Recreational Song Book” the church used to use for “Mutual”? The one song they never sang for recreational singing time was the Mikado’s “Titwillow” – – – can you imagine a group of 12 and 13 year old boy scouts trying to raps their minds around that one?


-(Me on my soapbox) at 1:43pm July 8

Wow, Really? You would just blindfold your children from “Art” if there was the possibility of misinterpretation instead of… I don’t know… Talking to your children and taking the time to teach them how to comprehend the message. Sometimes a Titwillow is just a flower in a song.


LMS at 3:38pm July 8

it is… and watching them snicker and try not to laugh while singing it would be funny!


 …at this point I really want him to comment again.  I’d like to keep this going, but I know he’s already cowered out of this conversation. It’s what the close minded do when cornered. However my friend followed up on my wall…


 –LMS: Did you have fun getting on your soapbox while commenting on my page? He he he! At least it wasn’t my comment that aroused your ire!


 -(Me on my Soapbox… still) at 10:42am July 9

Oh no, Never to your comments. I just have a big problem with people who purposely handicap themselves from experiencing this world or the little things that make life worth living. I was going to comment on if he stops his kids from reading the bible because it uses words like “ASS, “BREAST” and “COCK”. Do these same 12 and 13 year olds giggle when reading the bible? You have to understand how much I can’t stand close minded, opinionated asshats that bury art than take the time to address the issue with their kids. How scared and scary are these kids going to be when they are out in the real world and will be exposed to all those things that their parents tried so hard to hide from them? I believe in giving kids the tools to handle the world not be shocked by it.

***This is just my opinion, I could be wrong.*** 


…as more of this topic develops I’ll update this post. I do like to keep you all informed 😀


A breif letter to Wil Wheaton

24 06 2009

So I recently began a Twitter war with Wil Wheaton(not really, It’s just me being silly) for ripping off my Bio (Which I had already stolen fare and square). And after much reflection and consideration(I was bored at work) I wrote this as a comment on his blog.

Hi Wil,


Okay this is a little off topic… though I did get back in my writing groove over the weekend(I think in part due to watching Californication Season One on Netflix).


So getting back off topic, I was enjoying Twitter yesterday, like I do, and came across your Bio on your Twitter account. “I’m just this guy, You Know?” and I felt pissed. Mainly because this is the very same Bio I’ve been using. I, much like you, stole this from Douglas Addams “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” (My favorite book series). Following my discoveries, I sent you a plethora of Tweets demanding Satisfaction, Apologies or explanations for your blatant theft of what I have rightly stolen. It’s been a day and I found your “What to Expect when you follow me on Twitter” post from February and as I read it again I realized that you too, like me, are a true geek. I realize that you don’t know me and that you didn’t steal your Bio from me, but like me, you stole it from Douglas Addams estate just like I did.

Now since I’ve washed off the sense of violation from you I do want say that I’m a fan of your books, Blog and Twitter. Don’t worry about the Titter Bio, I’ll concede and change mine. There are plenty of other great lines in that book series that can describe me.

I am and shall always be… your fan.


If you would like to read Wil’s blog (and why wouldn’t you?) Please visit it here.


You complete me.

4 08 2008

Well, I have had (at the time of this post) 865 visitors to my humble blog. And I wonder “Who are these people?” “How did they get to my blog?” “What did they think of my Albert says section?” “Did I leave the iron on at home?” No I’m pretty sure I turned that off.


What I would like to see are comments. I’m not a shallow person, but I do get a curiosity of who’s peeking in the window. I can guess who a few of my patrons are; I only have so many people that know me or where to read what’s on my mind every three to twelve weeks when I get around to posting something.


I used to laugh at those who need the adoration of other to feel good about themselves. Though I don’t think I’m that bad, I have found that I get a little anxious when I see I have a new comment on one of my post. It’s the same feeling when getting real mail, not the “Resident” or obvious presorted mass mailing fare, but the hand written and fun to get “I recognize your existence” mail.


So my challenge to you (865plus) visitor to my blog. Comments are greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

No, this picture doesn't have a purpose with this post.

No, this picture doesn't have a purpose with this post.