About me? Well, that is a loaded question. What do you want to know? I don’t hide anything, especially from myself. I prefer the bull$#!t be kept to a minimum unless it’s extremely funny. I fancy myself as a Neo- Philosopher, non-Conformist, non-Traditionalist, observer of life’s funny ironies. That’s how I fancy myself, but what I am is Neo-Thinker, occasional Conformist and Traditionalist out of necessity, Observer of all of life’s bitter-sweet truths. “Truths”, it’s funny what is true in the world, or at least my life. It’s true that I’m me at all times, even though there are many who are reading this and saying “Yeah, Right!” It’s true that I try very hard to take the world at face value and try to be a stand up guy in all situations, but I’m only human and can only be amazing so often. And yes I’m pretty damned amazing from time to time. Even the Amazing Spider-man gets to be a regular Peter Parker most of the time. I just don’t have to wear a mask and give an alias to stand out. I just wear a mask and give an alias for the fun of it. It really is fun, I think everyone should try it. I’m Sorry, What were we talking about…


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