Happy Pi day! 3.14…15926535897932…

14 03 2013

With a never ending, never repeating combination of numbers. If you assigned a letter to each number, the completely documented history of everything and everyone is in Pi. Douglas Adams was wrong; this is the answer to life the Universe and everything.



Some new awesome.

1 06 2011

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

10 12 2010

And when I say “Merry Christmas” I’m not doing it to instill my own Christianity, or as an insult to anyone that is not Christian. And I don’t do it to be thought of as true American or any of that militant asserting of patriotism. I do it as more of a reminder to myself of what ”Christmas” means to me. Christmas, when growing up, was not about Baby Jesus in a manger while 3 wise guys track him across the desert by stellar navigation. Honestly, I never gave Jesus much thought around the season. I look at Christmas now like I did when I was young. For me it was all about everyone else. It is about seeing how I connect to the people in my life. I always try to get gifts that reflect what that person means to me, how well I know them. It’s about the value of the thought not the price of the gift. It’s why I view gift cards as a cop out, don’t ask me to buy myself something when you could probably spend less and show you know me. The Christmas season is also a setting. It’s about snow, cold, hot chocolate, the smell of pine and mint. It’s about listening to the radio wanting to hear that one good song by Paul McCartney and Wings. Christmas is a just a word. A word that helps to define a seasonal recognition from my youth. I have no problem with the use of the term “Happy Holidays”, because they should be happy. But please, whatever it is that you wish others this season, do it (AND RECEIVE IT) not with critical judgment, but with spirit of the season.

So again, I wish you all Happy Holidays… and a Merry Christmas.


21 06 2010


3 06 2010

I really have to say that anything with Christina Hendricks has my attention. and as a Sci-Fi geek, this in an awesome video.

Iron man vs Hugh Grant

22 04 2010

I just saw this on AOTS (Attack of the Show for those not in the know) I thought you all would enjoy…

I just need to post something new…

26 03 2010