Letters from editor.

12 11 2009

Dear FOX,

I have just learned that you have decided to cancel, yet another Joss Whedon show that IS beloved by the masses. What the hell! Who the hell is in charge of programming over there? ‘Cause he needs a serious ass kicking. First you put a great show for the 18 to 35 crowd on Friday Night. Not very many 18 to 35 year olds that are hip enough to get Dollhouse are going to be home on Friday nights, they’re out at clubs, sporting events, parties, and if you’d take the time to ask your movie division… at the movies!

Now don’t sit there and bitch and moan about ratings when you let truly uninformed nit-wits poorly plan this stuff out for you. Speaking of ratings, who’s watching “So you think you can dance”? Not me, that’s for sure, but I bet the viewers of that are too young to really go out on Friday nights. The same could be said for Glee (don’t get me wrong, I like Glee).

Since this is a big red flag toward your program scheduling department, let’s look at some of the other mistakes they are making; Fringe, this is the new X-Files and that show helped to make your network, but where’s the love? We love this show. So why did you movie it to a new night to compete against the rock hard comedy lineup on NBC and the established air time for same genre show of Supernatural? Are you still wondering why the ratings have gone down? Let’s see if I can clarify this for you… You program your shows into time slots that compete against the same type of shows from another channel, thus not only dividing your viewers, but challenging us to not watch. I get it that someone in your office has a BS degree of thinking inside the box, but when you program to the motto of “Who’s it going to be, us or them?” we will pick one, but it may not be you. There is no sci-fi on Wednesday; you want to corner the programming for that night? “Dollhouse” and “Fringe”. You put your “dancing” show against “Dancing with the stars” I wonder who’s winning that time slot? This might help. “Glee” and “So you think you can dance” for Song and Dance Fridays on FOX. Do you see how that can work for you?

And since I am curious, do you take Hulu and Fox.com viewing numbers in for ratings as well? I really think that the audience that watches your smarter television, like Fringe and Dollhouse, is quite a bit more tech savvy and would choose the option to watch on our own time than to be stuck on your time. I personally use my DVD to its fullest when it comes to your high quality shows. So to wrap this up, stop canceling the shows that set you apart, stop scheduling shows that divide and challenge your fans and viewers, and take the alternate viewing option number into consideration.

Your loyal fanboy (but only on my time)


Dear Joss Whedon,

Why do you keep making deals with FOX? ABC and CBS never seem to cancel shows on Fridays. Also, I think you could do very well on HBO or Showtime.

Your loyal fanboy(all the time)





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